Celadrin Accelerator Balm for chronic pain management and headaches


Each dispenser produces approximately 70 applications

Celadrin Accelerator Balm 50g for chronic pain management and headaches

  • Celadrin® Accelerator Balm™ is a totally natural, Parabens, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) and MI (methylisothiazolinone)-free anti-Inflammatory balm with added menthol which can help manage pain conditions without side effects.

    This unique topical application product includes Celadrin®, a patented blend of esterified (stable) fatty acids, an all-natural proprietary ingredient which is FDA-compliant in the USA and clinically proven to reduce pain and promote joint health by improving flexibility and mobility.


    Celadrin® Accelerator Balm™ is formulated to be:
        •    FREE from Parabens
        •    FREE from Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)
        •    SAFE for Diabetics
        •    SAFE to use with Warfarin***
        •    SAFE to use with Coumadin***
        •    SAFE for those with shellfish allergies
        •    The only non-natural ingredient is the thickener Carbomer which has been certified as safe*
        •    All other ingredients are naturally sourced


    *The Cosmetics Ingredients Review Expert Panel (CIR) has evaluated all scientific data and have concluded that Carbomer polymers were safe as ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products.


    Celadrin® is one of the most effective natural compounds that safely promotes flexibility and healthy joint function. It is FDA-compliant.

    Published clinical studies have reported significant results without any side effects**.


    Natures Naturals' Celadrin® Accelerator Balm™ has a higher Celadrin® content than almost all other products and also has added menthol for its soothing properties, making it ideal for helping keep joints and muscles healthy.


    It works in a similar but more dramatic way to EPA and DHA in fish oils. But, significantly, there is no shellfish extract in our product, so it is safe for people with allergies to shellfish!


    Formulated with a patented complex of special esterified fatty acids, derived from bovine tallow oil, it combats inflammatory responses, lubricate cell membranes and restore fluids that cushion bones and joints. It also assists in reducing cartilage breakdown.


    Natures Naturals' Celadrin® Accelerator Balm™ is rapidly absorbed and provides immediate and cumulative pain relief. It can also be highly effective when used in conjunction with our PainSolv® pain management medical device.