Centurion Massage Table Elite 720

Your client relaxes onto a wide bed upholstered in 60mm 3-layer foam with superior shaped face hole and a totally flat working surface. When your client is comfortable, you can relax and work easier.


Azima's unique, lightweight, all- aluminium Practitioner base frame is the strongest, safest and most rigid portable structure available. All moving joints are nylon sleeved for strength, long life and total silence.


Instantly adjust your table's height with the push of a button. The Practitioner Essential adjusts through 9 height settings from 62cm up to 82cm, supporting a wide range of treatment techniques, from rolfing to reiki.



• 3 year warranty
• Tabletop dimensions 184cm (L) x 72cm (W)
• Height range 62cm - 82cm
• Weight 14kg
• 60mm, 3-layer foam
• Integrated face hole
• Fittings for optional face cradle attachment
• Maximum safe working load 165kg (dynamic)

Centurion Massage Table Elite 720

SKU: AZ001
  • • Lifetime warranty 
    • Table top dimensions 186cm (L) x 68cm (W)
    • Height range 62cm - 82cm
    • Weight 12.5kg
    • 60mm, 3-layer, high-resilience foam system
    • Protective-coated vinyl upholstery
    • Integrated face hole
    • Fittings for optional face cradle attachment
    • Maximum safe working load 175kg (dynamic)
    • Static load tested to 750kg

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