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Handheld Massagers

Massage can be beneficial in a number of ways and there are several therapies available


Massage therapy can:

  • Cause muscles to perform work in moving fluids through the body

  • Stimulate the metabolism

  • Afford a feeling of muscular vigor from increased muscle tone

  • Expand the capacity for fuel storage causing extra endurance

  • Improve co-ordination through the transmission of more pulses and responsiveness of the muscle fibres

  • Give temporary relief from neck and back pains, from headaches, and from other pains caused by lack of use of the various joints and muscles of the body

  • Enhance digestion and elimination processes

  • Allow for better and easier relaxation and sleep

  • Curtail the occurrence of fatigue


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Matoba Relaxy-1 Massager

Matoba AME 40 Deluxe Handheld Massager

Momi Roller Massager

Centurion Massage Table

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