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PainSolv MkV PEMF pain therapy device

PainSolv® MkV PEMF Medical Device complete with FREE Silicon Sleeve Protector, Magnetic Tube tester and Travel Pouch


PainSolv® MkV PEMF Medical Device complete with FREE Silicon Sleeve Protector, Magnetic Tube tester and Travel Pouch


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How PEMF works on the cellular system


These pulses cause chemical reactions at the cellular level by opening channels in the cell membranes. The cell membrane is the cell’s “brain.” It communicates with other cells, and regulates what comes in and goes out, including nutrients, hormones, signaling compounds, and toxins. The membrane has a positive charge on one side and a negative charge on the other.

Opposites attract, so it’s the constant electrical activity between these positively and negatively charged ions that open and closes passages in the membrane. This voltage difference between the ions on either side of the cell membrane is called the cell’s “resting potential”.

Chronic pain, disease, and damage decrease the resting potential, much like overuse drains the voltage of a battery. In the case of chronic pain, a low resting potential allows too many pain signals to enter the cell, promoting inflammation, damage, and ever-increasing levels of pain.

PEMF restores the membrane’s electrical balance, thus quickly reducing pain and inflammation. This same mechanism allows damaged cells to recover and repair. Repeat treatments (depending on your needs) provide lasting results.

Anti-inflammatory nitric oxide forms promote blood flow, oxygenation, growth and repair, and relaxation of blood and lymph vessels. Studies show PEMF promotes the anti-inflammatory forms of nitric oxide, thus promoting recovery and regeneration, and reducing inflammation.

PEMF has long been approved by the USA's FDA for non-union bone fractures as it enhances the repair of bones and tissue by increasing the flow of blood and lymph. The lymphatic system removes waste products and blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to the body’s tissues and organs. PEMF enhances these systems, stimulating the growth of new blood vessels and bone, and speeding repair and recovery from injuries and wounds.

PainSolv® MkV PEMF Pain Therapy Device

  • PainSolv® MkV is a self-contained electronic unit with controls intended to be applied to the body to emit short-time pulsed, radio-frequency energy [pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) to tissues at a level below the patient's heat sensory perception threshold. The device is intended to be used in clinical and home settings.


    The device comes complete with internal rechargeable battery, dedicated power charger adaptor and 32pp full colour user guide which also includes instructions for using on Acupuncture points in the case of hard to reach areas of the body.


    PainSolv uses researched pain management technology.


    Thousands of studies have been carried out worldwide, showing probable benefits of PEMF in aiding the healing of soft-tissue wounds, helping to suppress inflammatory responses at cell membrane level to reduce pain and increase range of motion.


    Constant wave low level lasers and static magnets have never been scientifically proven to penetrate the skin. But clinical research carried out for NASA proved that millisecond duration pulsed electromagnetic fields have the greatest beneficial effect on living tissues over any other energy form.


    This is because pulsed electromagnetic waves pass through all types of body tissue including bone, without any refraction. The therapy also works unhindered through clothing and specialist medical dressings, including plaster casts.


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