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E-cell PEMF

By simulating exercise at cellular level, the application of e-cell™ relieves pain and accelerates recovery. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, this bio-electronic medical device uses smart therapy cards which target a range of musculoskeletal health disorders for people of all ages. Almost anyone suffering from a musculoskeletal problem may benefit from the use of the e-cell.


Please note: We are currently out of stock of e-Cell products. We will advise if stock becomes available again.

e-Cell (currently out of stock)

SKU: EC002
  • The Essentials Pack includes:
       - e-cell™ bio-electronic device
       - Vascular Therapy Card
       - Bone Card
       - Osteoarthritis Card
       - Joint Card of your choosing
       - Charger/Power Supply
       - Velcro Strap
       - Internal Battery 
       - Therapy Card Wallet
       - Treatment Protocol
       - User Guide
      - FREE Carry Bag (worth $33.00)


    The reason the e-cell™ is so effective is that it replicates the body's own natural healing processes - pain free, without drugs.

    The e-cell™  deals with pain from arthritis to almost all muscular skeletal disorders.


    How quickly does e-cell™ work?

    Speed of recovery is determined by a number of factors, including severity of injury, age and general health.


    Your speed of recovery is determined by the severity and the length of time you have had the injury.


    In general some reduction in inflammation and the resulting pain should be experienced between 24 and 48 hours of use if the injury is a simple single event without complications. When pain subsides, you should continue the use of the e-cell to ensure the best possible recovery and restrict the likelihood of re-injury in the future.




    Based in Western Australia but spanning three continents, GEM, a team of eminent specialists in orthopedics, sports and skeletal medicine decided to expand on NASA's scientific research into overcoming muscle degeneration due to weightlessness in space. Taking a different approach, the GEM team looked at exactly what induces the body to replicate cells. The e-cell is the result of 10 years of development, testing and fine tuning.


    The reason why e-cell is so effective and so different to anything else on the market today, is that e-cell replicates the body's own repair process pain free and without drugs!


    It is a well known fact that exercise is essential to keeping fit and healthy. Without it our bodies would degenerate to the point of being dysfunctional.


    Exercise also speeds the healing process.


    Each cluster of cells undergoes a different experience when we exercise. The GEM team recorded the bio-electronic information at major areas of the body; ankle, knee, hip, lower back, mid back, neck, elbow, wrist and shoulder. This highly complex information was then encoded on a chip held on a therapy sim card and has become the "brain" of e-cell.

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