Inhalo Dry Salt Inhaler for upper respiratory problems

The nasal Inhalo is an upper respiratory cleanser which helps to alleviate nasal congestion, allergy discomforts and many other symptoms which may be associated with nasal (upper respiratory tract) conditions.


Includes aromatherapy Vapor Rod which features a mix of pure essential oils which can be used in conjunction with the product (fits into special container within the body moulding).

Inhalo upper respiratory aid for sinusitis, rhinitis, sore throats, head colds

SKU: IH002
    • 100% natural, drug free effective remedy
    • Prevents respiratory infections
    • Promotes bronchial drainage
    • Eases respiratory symptoms quickly
    • Help reduce asthma attacks
    • Reduces drug treatment
    • Improves life quality
    • Local effect mechanism
    • Excellent tolerance
    • No counter-reaction
    • No side effects, easy to use

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