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PainSolv Charger Adaptor

This eco-friendly, unbleached travel pouch is made from durable 10oz 100% Organic cotton and features a sturdy zip. Size is 120 x 200mm.

PainSolv® Travel Pouch

  • We’re pleased to introduce you to our brand new purpose-designed Travel Pouch, which is perfect for taking your PainSolv®, User Guide, Charger Adaptor and even a bottle of Celadrin® Accelerator Balm™ with you on trips and holidays.

    It will help you keep everything you need in one place, safe in the knowledge too, that you will never risk using an incorrect charger adaptor (which would render your PainSolv® unusable).


    It is beautifully embroidered in blue and will protect your product from knocks and spills whilst you’re travelling or simply when being stored at home, as well as being perfect for spreading a green message!

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